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We often forget that we can control our breathing, that we are in control of our life. In life we have choices; we choose what to eat, what to wear, what we put into our bodies, we also choose what not to do. The choices we make directly contribute to our happiness, perceived success, our destiny.


At the beginning of my Journey, Yoga was a means to help deal with the stresses of life. A physical practice to take my mind away from the daily pressures. As the journey progressed, Yoga became more than a physical practice.


The benefits became noticeable: Mentally I began to feel less stressed and anxious. Physically I became stronger and energised. Yoga gave me the Inner Strength and motivation to make positive life changes.


I will show you how to use yoga as a vehicle for living in the present, feeling the present and truly being in the present – something we all forget to do. Vinyasa Flow classes will focus the mind, build strength and flexibility and leave you feeling energised and inspired.

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